Open up Unlimited Opportunities for those Seeking Recovery to Explore Life & Experience Nature

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"As many of you know I am a Recovery Coach at Roads to Recovery. I initiated our Outdoor Adventure program here upon my return from Panama where I was working at Serenity Vista. It was there that I got to witness the therapeutic effect of outdoor adventures on our residents. Last year we spent several weekends a month hiking on the Appalachian Trail. Watching my guys progress in their recovery while hiking, breathing fresh air, smelling the flowers has motivated me to expand our offering to overnight camping, fishing, ect. Hiking only requires a pair of shoes. My other activities are gear intensive. Your donation will go to purchasing tents, sleeping bags, cooking gear, fishing equipment. There just isn't any room in our current budget for these " luxuries". Any amount you can send will be greatly appreciated. Pictures of our adventures will be posted regularly". - Jim Webb

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